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Engineering Plans


At Realm Studios, we offer speedy and affordable Design service to clients looking to bring their ideas to life!


Clients can come to use with ready made projects that want us to modify, rough sketches or just an idea you want us to bring to life, we’ll do our best to get your part in your hands as efficiently as possible.


Our Services are as follows:


  • Concept to Final Product Design and Fabrication


  • 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering


  • Design for Engineering



  • Product Design and Development



  • Prototyping and Testing


Specialized Jobs to solve unique and difficult problems for your business. For example, we have provided solutions for Dentists, Hospitals, Dr’s, and Mechanical transport for Pharmacy's

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From Highschool Science projects to Enthusiasts, Engineers and even Dental Surgeons, we believe 3D Printing is for everyone.

Printing of various materials from PLA to Tough Resin and even Castable Wax and Dental Model.

At Realm Studio, the future is 3D Printing, and we believe this technology is great for

  • Large-volume Fabrication and duplication of the same part/s


  • once-off Fabrication and small quantities


  • Replacement part production or production of parts that are not manufactured anymore.



  • PLA

  • Engineered Resins

  • Dental Resins

  • Castable Resins


Printing Technologies:

  • FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

For customers looking for Affordable, fast prototypes.

Great for small medium and large parts especially for testing drafts or even final products.


  • SLA (Stereolithography)

For customers looking for the Highest resolution top-quality parts. Great for small to medium sized parts that require a lot of detail or that require to be made of industrial graded materials like Dental Model, Tough Resin, Castable Wax and more

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