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The Idea.

We were approached to design a coffee station for the Club Advocate's Chambers. The coffee station will provide a welcoming experience for clients as well as high-grade coffee for the tenants. Having a public-serving programme as part of your Chambers will positively contribute to public perception and client relations. 

Providing a high-quality coffee service is known to:  

  • Improve work output

  • Improves networking 

  • Contributes to a positive environment

This article by BluePrint Interiors gives some insight into the benefits of having a work café.

The modern design trend is to incorporate communal spaces into our everyday working life. It speaks to a welcoming environment, one that respects its clients and appreciates its tenants.  Most Advocate chambers built in the last 5 years provide some sort of coffee or food service in their lobby. If properly done this service can benefit the chambers functionally as well as aesthetically.

Location & Layout.

We propose moving the reception desk in front of the screen and designing a coffee station where the reception used to be as illustrated below. This will allow the reception to have a better line of sight of the front door. The coffee station will be enclosed by the existing bulkhead where the reception used to be, reducing the amount of noise in the atrium as well as providing discreet access to the coffee shop for staff.

lew layout.PNG
new plan.PNG

Conceptual Design & Materials.

The materials choice speaks to the surrounding aesthetic emphasising the colors and textures. The counter will be clad in leaf shaped slate tiles reflecting the shapes in the Advocates' Chambers Logo. The counter will match either the reception desk surface or the exposed concrete of the surrounding structure. 

Look & Feel.


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